10 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques

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Portrait photography is something we have all attempted at some level or another. Sometimes it takes just a few tips to take your photography to the next level. Below are 10 tips that should help do just that.

Use Natural Light The Same as Studio Light

Look for places where you can capture the dramatic directional light of a studio environment without actually being in one. This might be underneath a large tree, where harsh sunlight is diffused through the canopy, or next to a window with blinds that cast symmetric vertical shadows across the wall behind your subject. Details such as these can add another element of interest to your portraits and make them stand out.

However, you might want to employ fill-in flash in such images to avoid overblown highlights and excessive contrast. This can be a significant asset when your subject is back-lit because it helps you to capture necessary detail in their face, while your camera is trying to compensate for the bright background.

Light Large Groups

While perpendicular flash give an individual a flat appearance, you’ll want this effect on occasions when you’re shooting a group portrait. When working with so many people, an angled flash can leave someone in shadow. Positioning your flash straight on will ensure that everyone in the picture is lit evenly.

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