10 quick tips on how to get started with astrophotography

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Have you ever photographed the stars at night? When you’re in a remote location, far from bright city lights, it’s incredible how much of the starry night sky you can capture at night.

Astrophotography can be truly rewarding when you’re using the right camera techniques to capture these starry skies and the surrounding night scene, but where do you start? Here are ten tips to help you see stars in your eyes.

1. Wrap up warm

Temperatures can drop very quickly on cloudless nights, so it’s important to wrap up warm. The less you’re worried about the cold, the more you can focus on being creative.

 2. Go wide and fast

Using a wide-angle lens will allow you to take in as much of the wonderful night sky as possible, while adding compositional interest by including some landscape based foreground features.

The faster the aperture, the better on your lens. An aperture of f/4 is a good start, but if you really want to get the most out of the Milky Way you’ll need a wide-angle lens with a maximum aperture of at least f/2.8.

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