10 Tips for Better Flower Photography

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As people, we are awed by nature. Despite everything we arguably do to hinder it, somehow it perseveres on, evidenced by the dandelion stubbornly reaching through a crack in the sidewalk or a tree being born from the ashes of a terrible forest fire. With that awe comes the desire to capture the beauty around us and keep it with us. And as photographers, we do this by taking photographs. Here are ten tips to help you improve your flower photography so you too can take nature’s wonders with you.

Shoot in Manual

Flower photography is a make or break art. The making and the breaking is done is the smallest increments as you slowly adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. Usually you are taking a picture of small object up close which means that missing the exposure or focus even just a little will lead to shot very different than the one you are trying to achieve. Shooting in manual gives you the ability to easily make incremental changes until you get exactly what you are looking for.

Invest in a good macro lens

If flower photography is your passion, there is a good change you are going to need a macro lens. A macro lens is a lens which has the ability to photograph something at life size which is a 1:1 ratio or magnify past the 1:1 ratio up to a 10:1 ratio. This gives you the ability to portray all the little details and idiosyncrasies that make flowers so amazing from the curl of a petal to the pollen tipped stamen.

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