10 tips to improve your photography skills

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Whether you’re interested in landscape, portrait, food or any other type of photography, here are 10 tips to help you get started taking amazing photos.

1. Location

Taking a photo isn’t entirely about your subject. You want the background to help tell your story.

For example, if you’re taking photos of an engineering graduate, don’t take their photo next to the College of Business building.

Find a nice spot outside of the engineering complex to show off where they spent the last four years. The above portrait was taken for a news article about Kansas State’s Student Governing Association, so the location for the photo was in the SGA offices.

2. Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is used by photographers everywhere to produce higher quality photos.

To use the rule of thirds, divide your composition into a 3-by-3 grid and try to align your subject with the grid.

In the above example, the Statue of Liberty is aligned in the right third of the photo. When you look at a photo that utilizes this concept, your attention is immediately drawn to the subject.

In some cases, like in portraits, it might be better to have your subject be in the center of the image. Most cameras and phones have a grid overlay that you can enable.

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