10 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Compositions

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4. Simplicity

Simplicity is an extremely valuable tool for creating striking photographs. Consider how the elements of a photograph relate to each other. While it can be tempting to include everything in front of you, sometimes the more elements in a photo just mean more distractions. Everything included in your frame should be for a reason; if an element doesn’t add to the composition, it is taking away from it. Compositions that are clean and simple are often the most successful.

This image essentially only has two components, a crescent moon and a stand of silhouetted trees. The simplicity of the compositions and light let the features turn into graphic shapes. If this image had any more elements to it, such as a cloud or two, it would not be as graphically strong.

5. Framing

One easy way to create added interest in your photos is to frame your subject with something. Framing can be very literal, where the viewer is clearly looking through one element at another. It can also be subtle, where compositional elements create a natural frame that highlights the subject.

By using the doorway of an adjacent building to frame the iconic Taj Mahal, I was able to create a depth and added interest to an otherwise plain photo of this often photographed building.

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