10 Travel Photography Tips You Have Probably Never Considered!

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Travel photography can sometimes be a tricky one. Unlike other forms of photography (e.g. food photography which happens in a controlled evnviroment, after all it’s not like this pie’srunning away) there are too many variables which can end up with you getting either an amazing (one-off) photo or a really crappy photo (like so crappy it feel like your fingers and the “DELETE” button have some kind of magnetic attraction).

In any case, here are some pretty easily guaranteed tips to help you take brilliant travel photos:

1.) Cities generally look prettier at night.

There’s just that extra magic the cloak of night time adds to travel photos. One caveat here though, you need a stable base for your camera for brilliant night photos and so unless you’re an expert at taking photos using ledges and park benches (no one really is), invest in a tripod (nd perhaps a remote) to help you get the best pictures. Also, play around with the shutter speed – with a stable base for the photos, you’d be surprised at how fantastic ohotos with a 10 second exposure turns out.

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