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Bringing your tiny bundle of joy home is one of the most amazing moments. The first few weeks will fly by and pretty soon those tiny fingers and toes will start growing. Make sure you find a moment to capture the first days of your newborn’s life with a photo. You will want to reminisce on these memories for years to come.

We have 12 DIY tips for newborn photography that will help you capture the perfect newborn photo from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s finding the right angle or choosing a calm time of the day, these tricks will make your life easier and create a beautiful portrait. When you get the shot, make sure to share it with your friends and family with a birth announcement.

1. Over The Shoulder

You’re probably spending a lot of time holding your little one, so take a moment to photograph you lulling your little one to sleep. Take a shot of your newborn resting their head on their parent’s shoulder, wrapped up in the love of your embrace.

2. Plenty Of Room

Show how small your newborn is by positioning them in the vast space of your bed. This shot will work best if the room has a lot of natural light and your newborn is tired. Wrap them in their favorite blanket, place them on the bed and step back to capture the moment.

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