12 of the Most Incredible Cycling Destinations in the World

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While mountain biking is an adventure sport of its own kind, road cycling typically involves traveling longer distances and often even carrying your own gear with you to set up camp. These are some of the most incredibly cycling destinations and routes that are best seen on two wheels.

There are many different ways to see the world: by plane, by car, by train, and by bus. But for intimate and up-close view of exciting new places, peddling your way around the world is an incredibly rewarding experience. Some travel destinations are best explored by bicycle to make the most of little-known local stops and panoramic views. Not only will you get an excellent workout when traveling by bike, but you’ll also feel more connected to the people and places around you and be more observant of the little details along the way.

1. La Route Verte, Canada

Canada is a huge country in terms of square mileage, which makes many cyclists feel intimidated to tackle it on two wheels. But one of the best ways to explore this beautiful terrain and rugged wilderness is on La Route Verte, which is a fairly new cycling route that spans over 2,485 miles from east to west across Quebec. You’ll enjoy lovely mountain and river views on this route, as well as lots of fresh air and wide open spaces. This is a great route because it has helpful signage and plenty of places to stop and sight-see along the way.

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