12 tips every photographer should know

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Celebrate with firework photography

Taking photos of fireworks might seem tricky at first, but it is quite simple to master with a few tips. To start, you will need to stabilize the camera, ideally using a tripod. A remote shutter release can also help reduce any possibility of camera shake.

The exact exposure will depend on the particular situation, but try using a smaller aperture of f/8 or above, then adjust the shutter speed accordingly. Keep your ISO low for cleaner images.

Use a tablet (or phone) as a light source

Ever thought about using your tablet as something more than just a tool to view photos? Turns out, your tablet or smartphone is actually a great light source for photography. From using it as a fill light for creative portraits, to tracing shapes and outlines in the sky for long exposures, the humble screen can be used in many different ways for creative images.

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