14 Portraits That Welcome the Spring Season

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I know, I know, we’ve got a while to go before spring is officially here.

But why not look forward to warmer days and more sunshine?!

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, especially for photography.

So much comes back to life that makes for gorgeous, detail-rich photos.

That includes portraits!

With that in mind, I’ve put together a collection of 14 beautiful springtime portraits that will help inspire your creativity in the coming months.

Each portrait is a prime example of how you can use the unique attributes of springtime to your advantage.

Have a look, learn a few tricks, and get ready for spring!

Focus on Action

Springtime is filled with tons of action in the natural world, so why not mimic that with what’s happening in the portrait you create?

Using activities to loosen up a portrait subject isn’t a new trick, to be sure. But aside from summer, there’s really no better time to incorporate action into your portraits than spring.

Looking at the image above, you get a sense of the sheer joy of the moment that the grandfather and his grandson are having.

The documentary style portrait has a sense of genuineness, as though we’re silently watching this moment unfold. This level of engagement wouldn’t have been possible if this was a more formal portrait, say, with the two sitting in the grass looking directly at the camera.

Using action in springtime portraits also helps you capture the essence of the season: it’s a time to explore after a long winter and enjoy the longer days and more sunshine.

Again, in the image above, we see how the act of the children running helps create a much more dynamic shot – the act of running toward the camera gives the photo a nice sense of movement.

What’s more, springtime is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the additional hours of sunlight.

Here, the setting sun adds a warmth to the photo that’s indicative of spring, and the long shadows it casts adds depth to the image.

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