15 Composition Tips to Take Great Landscape Photos

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Composition is essential to getting your photos noticed. Thanks to smartphones, it seems anyone can point a camera and take a picture. However, skilled photographers understand there’s more to getting a fantastic shot than merely doing a quick point-and-click. Instead, you must compose a shot that’s visually captivating to hold the viewer’s attention.

What is composition?  The term composition means to arrange the essential elements or subjects in a scene. When taking an image, there are three questions you should ask:

How can I draw attention to this photo’s main image?

How can I make sure the viewer sees the rest of the image too?

How do I make sure I’ve removed all of the distractive elements from the scene? 

It’s now time to look at 15 composition techniques to improve your photos.

1. Find a Color 

How you use color can make or break a picture. Color sets the mood of an image and is an essential compositional ingredient. Make sure to use color to its fullest extent. As such, spend the time to find a subject with an intensity that really stands out. To do so, make sure the background colors are desaturated, or completely different than the color of your main subject.

The color you select will also set the mood for the image. Just as yellow, orange, and red will solicit feelings of warmth and comfort, using blue tends to bring forth a sense of calm or cold. Green, by contrast, brings about a feeling of rebirth or freshness.

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