15 Photography Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills

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Practice makes perfect

It takes practice to produce high-quality photography. As a beginner, it’s vital that you learn some basic photography exercises in order to improve your skills.

The very best photographers practice regularly, in order to better understand their equipment, improve picture composition and develop their individual style.

1. 100 Paces

Photography exercises like the 100 paces technique will heighten your awareness of your surroundings

This is one of those photography exercises aimed at improving your skills of observation.

Place your camera on an automatic setting and take 10 pictures of your surroundings. Make sure that all of the pictures are different.

Next, move 100 paces forward and take another 10 photos. After you’ve completed this exercise three or four times, you’ll start noticing things that you would have missed before.

Advanced tip: To crank it up a notch, repeat the exercise with your camera set to manual.

2. Guess the Settings

Ask a fellow photography enthusiast to play “guess the settings” with you – make a competition out of guessing the settings for each image before looking.

You’ll soon become much better at recognising the effects produced by each different setting.

3. Macro Max

A common mistake made by beginner photographers is a failure to fill the frame.

To rid yourself of this tendency, practice taking shots which involve you getting as close as you can to your subjects without losing focus.

Not only will you produce professional-looking, detailed images, but you’ll also get to know the capability of your lens.

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