15 Tips For Beautiful Rain Photography

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15. Use Juxtaposition for Unique Compositions

Juxtaposition is one of the best compositional rules out there. You place a subject next to another subject or in a scene that contradicts the original idea or message.

One way to show great rain photography is to place a subject in it that wouldn’t usually find its place there. Mixing rain and fire, for example, makes for a powerful and symbolic shot.

Our example mixes sports and falling rain. Most sports stop and get called off due to rain, so putting them together is unusual.

14. Shoot a Rain Covered Cityscape

Cityscapes don’t have to be picture perfect. You don’t always need a traditional correct exposure and usual composition. Here, you can use rain to your advantage in showing a different side of a city.

By using a rain covered window, you can show the city in an interesting manner.

In this example, the city is in the background and out of focus. the rooftops and buildings are not the main focus. Instead, we get an impression rather than fact.

It’s a great way to show a place through shape, colour and textures.

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