20 essential wildlife photography tips

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1. Urban wildlife

How to photograph animals in built-up areas:

1. Get your eye in at your local park, as the animals you encounter will be more approachable.

2. Rather than zooming in to isolate the animal, show it in context with the man-made environment.

3. Build up a list of local contacts – from wildlife groups to night security guards – so you can source suitable locations.

FIELDCRAFT TIP: Don’t wear deodorant when photographing foxes, and approach them with the wind in your face so that your scent is carried away.

2. Fights and displays

How to get set up to record aggressive behaviour:

1. Your camera’s shutter speed will need to be extremely fast to freeze a frantic bout of interaction, so set the widest aperture on the lens and use a higher than normal ISO.

2. Use Continuous or AI Servo to track the subjects’ movements/

3. Leave space in the frame so that you can record a full range of movement – you can crop later.

SHOOTING TIP: If your camera offers back-button focusing, set this up so that you can instantly deactivate Continuous AF should the subjects stop moving.

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