3 simple Tips for setting the Focus in your Landscape Photography

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In different types of photography it is pretty simple to tell that where do you need to set your focus. Such as there is a basic simple rule in portrait photography i-e focus on eyes. At the point when the eyes aren’t on a similar plane of focus, concentrate on the close eye. And that’s it.

Similarly in other types of photography it is quite simple as well. For example you have to focus on the animal in wildlife photography. But in fact in any photography you always focus on that object which is a clear one. We are not saying that it is very easy but it’s not difficult as well to figure out.

But when it comes to landscape photography, where do you have to set your focus to capture a scene? What do you need to do to capture a scene which is as sharp as possible? So in this article we are going to give you some tips about setting your focus in landscape photography.

1. Do Not Set the Focus at Infinity

In landscape photography you try to capture a scene which is far away from you. Most lenses have a scope of focus values and once you get past a specific distance (normally 20-30 feet or 8-10 meters) then the focus is set at infinity. Everything past that point will simply be at infinity. In this way, in the event that you are taking a photo where most things in the frame are far away, it may appear that you ought to simply set the focus at infinity. In the event that you are utilizing autofocus (as most of us do), you may be slanted to set the focus utilizing something that is extremely far from you.

On the off chance that everything in the frame is genuinely at infinity, then setting the focus at its most extreme distance is not a ghastly thought. On the off chance that there is nothing near you, then there is just no compelling reason to do whatever else, you don’t have to excessively muddle things.

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