5 Simple Tips for Adding Perspective to Your Photography

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You’ve heard it before: It’s all about perspective. This is true in life, and perhaps even more true in photography. We live in a three-dimensional world, but our cameras only capture two-dimensional images. So what’s the remedy? Making sure your shots include a sense of depth and scale. Here are five ways to do just that.

Tip 1: Use leading lines

Roads, fences, walls, and river banks are all your friends here. Really, look for any lines that lead back into the distance and can draw a viewer’s eyes farther into your photo. This will create immediate depth!

The photo above not only uses leading lines but also has the added benefit of the diminishing light reflections on the ground, adding a second element to lead the eye back into photo.

Tip 2: Include the foreground

Setting the main focus of your photograph farther back in the composition can also help create depth. Increasing the amount of foreground you shoot is a good option when working with landscapes, but can also be used in cityscapes or street photography.

To create depth in this photo, it’s framed to show more of the foreground and less of the sky.

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