5 Simple Tips for Adding Perspective to Your Photography

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Tip 3: Overlap elements

When photographing a scene with different objects on the same line of sight, the objects that are nearer to the camera should overlap or obstruct those that are farther away. To the viewer, it’s then clear that one element is in front of another. This technique creates a sensation of depth and helps the viewer perceive the relative distance between the objects in the scene.

Tip 4: Look up (or down)

If you happen to find yourself surrounded by tall buildings or trees, for instance, turn the camera up towards the sky. The natural lines found in the buildings or trees will draw the viewer’s eye upward, creating a sense of height and depth. This could also be accomplished using the walls of a courtyard or the opening at the top of a canyon. You can achieve a similar effect by positioning yourself high and looking down, such as from the edge of a canyon or from a building’s rooftop or observation deck.

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