6 Mistakes to Avoid in Long Exposure Photography

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Do you want to get better at creating long exposure photos? Long exposure photography is famous for tranquil and serene landscape shots, but when engaging in this type of photography there are many pitfalls that can ruin your shots.

Below you will find a list of 6 common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Shaken and Blurred Photos

Even though it sounds obvious there are several factors that can lead to shaking. Strong wind can result in blurry shots if you don’t take your precautions when you want to capture fast-moving clouds that stretch across the sky.

To avoid wind causing blurred photos, use a stable tripod that doesn’t get swept away by the lightest wind. At other times, you would prefer a lightweight tripod, but with long exposure photography this is not the best.

To help make your tripod more stable, hang your camera bag below the center column. Also, remember to remove the camera strap or it will get caught by the wind and act as a sail that will create a little shake to the camera and tripod. Furthermore, if possible place yourself at the side or back of the camera and tripod to shield it a bit from the wind.

If you are shooting your long exposure shots on a beach be sure to place your tripod firmly in the sand. If you are close to the shoreline, the sand will be moved around by waves making your tripod slowly sink into the sand.

When shooting from a bridge or road, a bypassing train or large bus (or even a car), make the ground tremble enough for the vibration to travel through the tripod and your camera. Taking several shorter exposures and blending them in Photoshop into one long exposure, might help you not to waste too much time, because of shots being ruined by shaking conditions.

Even though your camera is placed on a tripod, your hand can introduce shaking when pressing the shutter. Remember to use a cable release or remote trigger instead.

Prepare the best to avoid shaking and just be patient if it happens and take the shot again.

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