6 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Photography

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Get Photographed by a Professional Photographer

The best experience is taking a walk in someone else’s shoes. In this case, your subjects! An absolutely fantastic way to improve your work, especially if you’re a portrait photographer, is to become the subject to another professional photographer. I can speak from experience on how eye-opening this is.

For starters, customer service is vital for success for any business. For a photographer, part of the customer service experience is helping your subject feel comfortable, pose well, and enjoy the experience. Until you’ve actually been the client, your ideas on customer service are all theoretical.

It is well worth hiring a professional photographer for yourself to learn how they talk to their clients, the best way of explaining or showing poses, and what makes the experience fun (or not so fun!).

I gained major insights on how to direct my clients on posing when I was being posed by someone myself. I found that being in front of the camera was awkward and nerve-wracking, but a good photographer will alleviate all of those feelings and inspire confidence. This is what I strive for in my shoots, with the help of having tried it out myself!

As a bonus, it is always highly advised to have professional photographs of yourself. Clients love to see who they are hiring, and having pro head shots can really aid you.

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