6 ways to improve your composition

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Anyone with more than just a passing interest in photography will have heard of the ‘rules’ of composition, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines and perhaps even the golden ratio. These are useful to remember as they can be used to create images with more impact, but they don’t necessary suit every situation and sticking to them slavishly can stifle creativity.

If you’re lacking inspiration and not sure how to approach a subject in a more original way, here are six ideas that will help you to break free from what you know and end up with more creative compositions.

1. Find an unconventional angle

It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking all your images from eye level, but it can result in all of your shots having similar feel. Sometimes all it takes is a different position to create a far more powerful composition.

If your camera has an articulated screen you can crouch down low and still see what’s going on, possibly capturing low-level subjects against a blurred background. Alternatively, you could angle your camera upwards for a more dramatic perspective.

Take this even further: get up close to your subject and shoot straight up. This is great when using a wideangle lens and surrounded by modern architecture, but you could also use it to create silhouettes of flowerheads or even for more abstract compositions. For portrait and animal shots with a difference, why not do the opposite and shoot downwards, with your subject looking up towards the camera?

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