7 Bad Photography Habits and How to Break Them

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2. Making Use of the Same Lens

This habit is probably more common among amateur photographers and people who take photography as leisure. You may get so addicted to your 18-200 mm lens that you probably think it can take care of all your lens needs, wrong!

Different scenes require a different lens. If you want to grow in your photography, learn to experiment with a different lens. This is the only you can be able to come up with stunning images every time.

3. Not Backing Up Your Pictures

Have you heard about something called hacking or file corruption? We are in 2018, you shouldn’t be told every time to back up your pictures. We certainly can’t control everything. In some cases, despite being extremely careful, bad things still happen.

A good way to ensure that you don’t lose all your efforts is to have a backup of your pictures. You can back them up in a cloud or get extra memory cards or external drive to back them up. Fortunately for you, you can back up your files using online storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive.

4. Not Taking Composition Seriously

Don’t think you can grow in your photography business if all you do is “point and click”. With a good composition, you can be able to produce stunning images every time.

There are many blogs and websites online that will teach you how to compose your shots properly. If all you know is the “rule of third”, search online for other rules regarding shot composition.

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