9 Essential Landscape Photography Tips

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Recce your location where possible. Look for ideal angles and figure out where the sun will be and when. Prepare warm and maybe waterproof clothing. Take appropriate drink and food. Allow time to arrive and be set up for the moment you want to shoot.

The sunrise in this image lasted only a few moments and was photographed at high altitude. Being ready, in place with the photographer and camera protected from the elements was vital for an image like this.


Shoot in the early morning and late evening (the “Golden Hours”). This light is soft and warm, preventing harsh contrast and washed out colours. Shadows are softer and more interesting. Moonlight on snow and city lights also offer night-time possibilities.

In this image the soft sunlight really enhances the vibrancy of the wonderful greens in the image. As the sun is low in the sky it casts long pale shadows that really emphasise the curves and features of the hillsides and crops.

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