9 tips for taking stunning travel photographs

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Winter is finally over so it’s time to start planning your next adventure. Whether that’s a weekend away in your favourite city, a holiday to somewhere exotic or some time exploring your hometown it’s the perfect excuse to flex your photography skills and take some photos.

When you’re away, taking amazing photos can be as simple as just applying some easy tips and tricks which we’ve listed for you below. You’ll come back with a camera roll full of fantastic shots.

Plus you can follow the travels of our team of adventurers and watch as they prepare to go away, getting tips for your next trip.

Tip 1: Choose the time of day carefully

The time of day you’re taking photos is fundamental. We love the early morning and late afternoon because there’s a rich golden light, with the sun hitting horizontally which creates a less harsh shadow. The time before dawn and after sunset are also great, especially for long exposure photography and capturing the sky at it’s most beautiful.

Shooting during the golden hour and blue hour will be sure to produce great photos but don’t disregard the bright light of midday as it can be perfect for delivering strong, contrasting, black and white images.

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