How to take dramatic landscape photos

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Storms, gales, rain, snow and even fog can produce stunning photographs – just follow these tips, and make sure you and your camera are prepared.

Focusing on key features of the scene, whether that’s sheets of rain, a sharp reflection or a flowing body of water, is key when shooting landscapes in all weather, as is making the most of natural light.

Producing moody, dramatic landscape photos means you and your gear will be out in demanding conditions. To protect your camera, you can buy rain covers such as those from Manfrotto or Storm Jacket. Or use a large, strong plastic bag (such as a bin liner) to cover the camera during the rain, then uncover it while you take a shot. Also pack lens cleaning cloths, microfiber towels for drying the outside of the camera, waterproof clothing – and a flask of hot coffee.

Follow these steps to take stunning landscape photographs in any kind of weather.

1. Capture drama in the rain

Look for the dominant feature in a scene, and use composition to make the most of it. Rain sweeping across the clouds can become a feature in its own right – it’s the most impressive feature of this wet weather shot, so placing the landscape to the bottom of the frame allowed the textures and detail in the sky to become the main focal point of the image. As there were breaks in the cloud near the sun, waiting for the light to break through illuminated the mountains and the sky here.

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