Photography Tips: 12 Elements To Capture That Winning Shot

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Nothing boost and compliments a photographer like winning or even get nominated in a highly regarded competition. In order for all these to take place, one must participate in a competition as a first step because a photography competition is also a great way to understand your skills and sharpen your perspective. As mentioned, submit yourself to a competition is the first step, but how do you capture the ever demanding judges’ attention?

For the basic, you must understand the theme, rules and regulation, requirement and most importantly the media format. Make sure your photos fits the theme and do some research on why some photos can make it and the reason why some just does not. All these seems pretty easy to understand and people usually took it very lightly but this is one of the reason that might fail you.

Here are the 12 elements that define a winning photographic print. Use it as your guide to increase your chances of winning any photographic competition.

1. Impact

The image should make an impact to the viewer upon seeing it the first time. It has to evoke an intense emotion that is compelling. They have an odd quality about them, such that they adhere to your psyche and refuse to let go. You tend to stare long because the photo sticks to you in some way.

2. Composition

Bring out the idea of the image thru visual elements in your composition. Create a visual focal points to isolate your subject. Be original. Avoid cliches. Think about what it is you are trying to say and how you can best convey this in your composition. Effective composition can be pleasing or disturbing, depending on your intention. The viewer’s eye should be drawn to the center of attention naturally.

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