The 23 Best Photography Apps for Landscapes

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Looking for the best photography apps to help you capture amazing landscapes? These tools will help you land the perfect shot.

Every landscape photographer has to have the right tools to capture the perfect shot, no matter how troublesome the light or zany the setting. There’s the cameras. The lenses. The gear. Now, there’s another tool that every landscape photographer must add to their arsenal: landscape photography apps.

Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect shot to headline your beautiful new online portfolio, sell more landscape photography online or help boost your Instagram follower count, these 23 photography apps will ensure every landscape shot is absolutely killer.

Landscape Photography Apps for iOS

1. GPS Kit and GPS Kit HD

If you really get off the beaten path, so much so that you lose signal, then this is probably the one of the best photography apps for you. You can track your routes so you can find the same spot again and again, and monitor your friends so you don’t get split up. GPS Kit also boasts the most basemap options of any iOS app. It’s great for finding those hidden vantage points for the perfect landscape shot.

2. AyeTides

Perhaps you’re coastal and trying to snap some amazing pictures of the ocean…but you’re not certain of the tidal schedule. This landscape photography app will be your best friend. AyeTides monitors the tides and currents in over 12,500 spots around the world, and also offers offline functionality, so you can use it even if you’re not close to home. Don’t get caught with your camera in hand at low tide!

3. TideGraph

Similar to the photography planning app mentioned above, TideGraph can help you monitor the tides from your own phone regardless of your phone’s connectivity. This app boasts a more comprehensive interface as well as tidal information for any spot you may find yourself in. Catch that perfect high tide picture, wherever you are.

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